Ice cream cupcakes

I can’t quite put my finger on what corner of the internet I was scrolling through when I came across ice cream cupcakes, but I just remember thinking–I have to try those!

How do you get the cake in the cone? Do you have to cut out little cylinders of cake and pop them in? Well, it blew my mind when I discovered that you bake the cake batter inside the cones. And guess what? They don’t burn!


I’ve tried a couple of different recipes now, and my favourite is this one here by BBC GoodFood. They use plain flour in the cake batter instead of self-raising, which does lead to a stodgier cake but I kinda like that. I found that the recipe I used with self-raising flour just led to cake exploding down the sides of the cones. In some ways that effect did make it look more like a realistic ice cream!

Using custard powder to flavour the cakes is just delicious, but I reckon you could just as easily swap that out for chocolate or strawberry milkshake powder if you prefer. These cupcakes are so fun to make, and so cute to look at! Perfect for a summer bake sale, or to bake with your kids. (Or, for big kids like me!)



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